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Kyleigh Zelenak – Summer Market Manager –

Hannah Frank – Co-Market Manager –

A special thank you to our co-founders:

Eric Ballard, Co-Founder (’08)

Ariel Fugate-Searcy, Co-Founder (’12)


Thank you to these amazing volunteers over the years: Pressly Blackley, Justin Maness, Alana Stanley, Regan Hale, Taylor, Ben, Shannon Dexter, and so many more!

In addition, the market has benefited from the knowledge and advice of the Agroecology Faculty, Bob Patterson’s World Population & Foods Class, the University Sustainability Office, and Live It Up! Hillsborough Street.

12 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • Hi! We (students and folks from the Horticulture department) are doing a container gardening workshop sometime during the month of April (likely the 21st) at the market. Would you be interested in doing a demonstration along with that event? I can keep you updated as we finalize the date.

  1. Howdy! Is it possible for Think Outside the Brick Competition to possibly insert our little flyers into the Cookie People’s to go bag?

  2. HR Benefits is interested in having the Campus Farmers Market have a table at our Benefits and Wellness Expo on October 18th. Could you please email me if interested and for more info? Thanks!

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