Renfrow’s Hardware and Clemson Student Farm

Last weekend the Campus Farmers’ Market club went on an exciting field trip to Matthews, NC and Clemson, SC to visit former market manager Pressly Blackley and the Clemson Student Farm.

Renfrow Store

Renfrow Hardware, a family-owned hardware store in Matthews, NC, carries an assortment of goods including seeds, garden tools and other general merchandise.

Pressly, a December NCSU graduate in mechanical engineering, is now working at her family’s own Renfrow Hardware in Matthews. The store has unique products and a special story that you can read about here.  When she’s not working at the store, there’s a good chance you can find Pressly a few blocks up the street where she has begun to establish an urban farm that she will be using to produce vegetable and greenhouse starts for the sale at the store.


Market co-manager Hannah Frank works on filling a raised bed behind Renfrow Hardware. The beds will be used as a demonstration area for customers to learn about how to build and manage raised beds at their own homes.

After a great night in Matthews, we left for Clemson, where we met Shawn Jadrnicek for a tour of the Clemson Organic Student Farm as well as his own home permaculture model. The visit was an inspiring glimpse into what might be possible for the Campus Farmers’ Market and agroecology program at NCSU.

Group Shot

Regan, Hannah, Jacob and Matthew at the student market area of the Clemson Student Farm

Interested in tagging along on the next excursion or learning more about involvement in the Campus Farmers’ Market? E-mail or come to a meeting at 7pm on Mondays in SAS 1218!


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