NumNum on the Brickyard

Wednesday shoppers can now find “A Taste of Southern Hospitality” with our newest vendor, Michael Lloyd, and his good-on-anything NumNum Sauce.


Derived from his great-grandfather’s recipe, NumNum Sauce’s appearance outside of Lloyds’ family dinner table began with a job layoff in 2008 after which Lloyd decided to pursue graduate school.

As both a full-time employee and student, Lloyd did not feel his hard work was yielding the results he wanted.  According to Lloyd, his mother’s mantra that “if you work hard, you do well” was simply not happening.

“When how you’re told the world works doesn’t work, it’s disheartening,” Lloyd explained.

Based on a sample taste in the brickyard last Wednesday, however, Lloyd has since found something that does work.  By combining a long-held family recipe, his experience in manufacturing and the food science foundation he has gained at N.C. State, Lloyd markets his “moonshine of sauces,” the Triangle’s own NumNum Sauce.


Accompanying food from zucchini to ribs, NumNum Sauce will be sampled and sold every Wednesday in the brickyard during the Campus Farmers’ Market.

Come out tomorrow to try NumNum and kombucha, the next feature of our Fearless Fermentation series!


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