Yes, we are small on rainy days :(

Unfortunately, as the market does not have a structure that provides coverage, when it rains, we are smaller. A few of the vendors because of the nature of their products cannot attend on these days (The Farm Fairy and Moondance Soaps).

Forgive us on these days for being smaller, but we gotta have the rain!


2 thoughts on “Yes, we are small on rainy days :(

  1. Can we sponsor a fundraiser to buy covered tents for these vendors on rainy days? I know several of the local high school kids are looking for “green” and sustainable related community service projects–I bet they can provide covered tents and tables for these vendors with just a little effort.

    • Hi! I just saw this! The vendors have tents, but the issue is they make about 1/4 of their sales on rainy days because people on campus do not want to stop or come out to the market on rainy days. Some cannot justify themselves coming out. Others have products that cannot stand up in the rain/humidity, i.e. soap and bread (gets stale).

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