Wise Farms

Wise Farms

Gary Wise, owner


One of the Family's Mailboxes

Gary and Teresa Wise and family own Wise Farms in Mount Olive, North Carolina, about an hour from Raleigh. Being in Eastern North Carolina, Gary believes he is in one of the best places for year round farming. Land being passed down in his family, dating back the 1930s, Gary has added to that land, and, at present, the farm is about 100 acres of crops. Gary has been farming this land since about 1995, taking over after his father and grandfather. After both farming and teaching for three years at a local high school in Wayne County, Gary decided to move to farming full-time. His mother and father, though older, work with him on the farm and at market. Teresa, his wife, is a teacher. Two workers also work for Wise Farms seasonally.

Mailboxes    Gary with the Two Workers



Proud Farmer


Seasonal Produce

Farm Practices:


Accepted Forms of payment:

Cash – debit/credit!

Markets Selling:

  • The State Farmers Market
  • The Campus Farmers Market at NCSU


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